When life hospitalised Me- I became a patient

So many times I’ve had to teach myself to be patient, to be a patient. All this time that I’ve never realised that I’ve institutionalised myself in the hospital of urgency and improper (medication). I diagnosed myself, checked on myself, and even wrote prescriptions for myself. I was the full-blown modern man who learned the skill of multitasking and of doing things by myself.

One thing I never realised is that I don’t have to multi-task, I don’t have to do this alone. All I need is to find the right people to hospitalize myself into and get high with them. I had stretch

1. Find (friends) that can diagnose me, even from just hearing my voice they can tell that I’m not having the greatest of days.
2. Get advice from those people, milk them to the nucleus of their brains, understand why certain prescriptions can’t work for you and why they work for them.
3. Be a patient, learn to listen to my doctors (friends), slow down on “but I read this on…” notion. Talk less and absorb more and understand your prescriptions.
4. Be in constant touch with these people who my health (life/success) needs, go back for check ups, go see what new medication you need to upgrade yourself to.

5 Important lessons of Life

  • Never ever, ever compare myself to others.

I know I’ve heard and read this before. It is not always difficult to be aware of your potential and your role in this life when you compare yourself to others. I never knew this man existed until I moved myself from the thoughts of what others thought of me. When this happened the foundation of my decisions shifted from the references of what they thought I was capable of to what I thought I was capable of. It’s about understanding who you are and the value you put on your life. I am Mahume and no else! I compete with the knowledge of the world to what it means to me not what it means to the next person.  I find joy in knowing my potential and stretching the norms that were laid before me.

  • Try, just Try

Sometimes the biggest challenge with this is that I often try too hard and yet I still believe it’s better than not doing anything at all. I have lived with the notion that one cannot know their true strength until it is tested, and it is in trying that I understand my will and purpose. The only way to allow this to happen is to be bold and brave and challenge myself to be bigger and to create a life worth remembering.

  • Fear Not but only the God in You

Fear is not the illusion of false things appearing real, Fear is real. Fear is also the absence of God (This I learned).  I learned that fear exist when we test new waters, when we travel the unknown and when we move the equator that comforts our being. I learned the only way to overcome fear is to understand the God that lives in me and nothing else. I believe that everything was created by one sole energy that we all interacts and connects with through the different energies and it is knowing this that make me value fear because without the existence of fear I would not know the different radiance of God.

  • Learn how to Love

This goes hand in hand with overcoming fear. One must never fear to love, one must learn how to love, for it is in understanding what love is that we find purpose in the things we do. I truly believe that we live for love and love is one thing that all humans are slave to. Yet we fear to love, we fear to experience love; Love is God, letting God in that we overcome fear.

  • Have patience

Probably the hardest lesson I have had to fully comprehend. I want things now, especially when life is hitting the fan I want things to go my way now. But with Life I’ve learned that until you have learned what you need to learn you’d probably go through the same thing over and over again. The irony is that patience is a tedious process of doing something and anticipating the outcome. I have come to learn it’s what you do with your patience that matters not just being patient.

Mastered the art of slavery…

She said she has mastered the art of slavery/she could only be compared to a summer rain that came down heavily/she lived her life locked up eternally/and presumed to live life of integrity/what i saw in her was a woman of…some saw a high degree of insanity/who refused to accept her state of reality/but knocking on bins was more of a formality/only GOD knew has fate you see/and who was I to judge she/even in a society that allowed the degradation of humanity/she carried one at her back and the other on her sleeve/and all definition defined her as “mommy”…in her state of puberty/….

“….I hardly slept…trying to re-write herself…I felt the agony of failure once again in the vessels beneath my chest…her breast were touching her feet of all the babies she had….so the world sucked her whiteness and left her with black…”

She drew creativity in these reamed of familiar captions/wounded soul dressed by her past-fashion/reality stood monotonous,expired lessons/life still the teacher, faith her principle/the uniform of in-justice,rapes her beauty/hate is now the child, faith now the umbilical cord-removed away/”Mastering” the Art of Slavery-till today…

Short little something something for all the woman…who work their ass out…for life to trow sh*t right back at them…for all the mothers who silently cry…and whom my depiction pictures everyday…I shall do as i can to see another picture …that bring peace to the inner man….


–I am Mahume–©

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