So many times I’ve had to teach myself to be patient, to be a patient. All this time that I’ve never realised that I’ve institutionalised myself in the hospital of urgency and improper (medication). I diagnosed myself, checked on myself, and even wrote prescriptions for myself. I was the full-blown modern man who learned the skill of multitasking and of doing things by myself.

One thing I never realised is that I don’t have to multi-task, I don’t have to do this alone. All I need is to find the right people to hospitalize myself into and get high with them.

1. FindĀ (friends) that can diagnose me, even from just hearing my voice they can tell that I’m not having the greatest of days.
2. Get advice from those people, milk them to the nucleus of their brains, understand why certain prescriptions can’t work for you and why they work for them.
3. Be a patient, learn to listen to my doctors (friends), slow down on “but I read this on…” notion. Talk less and absorb more and understand your prescriptions.
4. Be in constant touch with these people who my health (life/success) needs, go back for check ups, go see what new medication you need to upgrade yourself to.