I think we are naive as people to believe in something or someone we not willing to invest ourselves in. We humans want to live Lavish lives of little worry and great comfort to our financial security but are not willing to invest ourselves in the one thing that matters the most-” Belief”.

I don’t care who you are and what you are. To achieve anything in this life you have to have some form of belief in the things you chasing. You can’t wake up every day of your life with the notion of doing things just for the hell of doing them. First, you need to have purpose. Second, you need faith in the decisions you making with that purpose. This requires understanding the value of belief and making concrete decisions based on the level of your faith.

In my mere existence I’ve come to realize there’s nothing more dangerous in life than belief. I’ve seen great men fall in front of my eyes based on the idea of living life without any form of belief. Look at the news these days, front line headlines of vulnerable beings chasing belief, the extensions of doom and petrol and eating rats and snakes just to believe in something or someone.

We are being misled by the unique school of thoughts that we either grew up in or adopted along the way. We need to reshuffle our thoughts and figure out what our faith and what belief systems we going to follow as not just beings of the modern society but beings of Africa. You were made for more, made to become something bigger than what you are right now.