People are mirrors for one another. When we see something in another person and react to it emotionally, what we see in that person is a reflection of what we know exists within ourselves.

He also states that if we observe something in another without an emotional reaction, then that is just an observation. The first time I learned this, I was defensive for I felt all my criticisms of others were justified.

I then began to dig deep and realised that there is a lot of truth to the idea that people are mirrors for one another. When we react to hate in another, it is a reflection of the hate that lives within us.

When we judge someone for being full of it, then that is a reflection of the idea that maybe we know we are full of arrogance too. However, if you see beauty in another, it is a reflection of your beauty too. 

See someone as graceful and that means there is an element of grace within you. Sounds simple but this one lesson is very powerful in personal growth.

life is a reflection, imperfections of ourselves wrapped in mirrors defining who we are. Yet with all that, we seek to find the reflections in others to console and calms the demons in us.