Karabo Kulca Masenyadiloana

Mr #Dreameneur you did say that one day you will be a CEO of  something big,never in my wildest dream that I imagine you being the CEO of Touch mobile, the first black owned and locally manufactured mobile smart phone (Correct me if I’m wrong). I remember my first interaction with you was regarding the Sony township experience you wanted to pull off. I thought here is a young man whom before our acquaintance had only subliminally met in the train, had so much vision for his life.

It is crazy how life works, your ignorance to everything else and dedication to the #DreameneurFoundation is something worth noting.

Your passion inspires me, your ideas and vision for the type of life you always wanted liberates my cocoon  and drives me to become more. Don’t think I’m sucking up now (LOL) it would be wrong not to put you on this list based on who you are and what you’re doing.


Jay Stash

Jesus Jay, where do I begin with you? The truth is I truly don’t even know you that well. You and I have only officially met through social media  and through that I’ve been able to read and understand your struggles and lessons (thank you for sharing)

Sometimes I read your statuses and have this nostalgic memory of when you first entered the entertainment industry. You are a different man now that’s for sure, seems to be more family orientated and business focused than ever before. There’s so many lessons to learn from you groot-man. Poi-Poi is becoming a nation, your vision of making this a household name is upon you.

You have your own brand that speaks to your heart, something you’ve worked so hard on. I pray that God give you the strength to make this a household name… You still need to email me regarding featuring on your album.


Your ability to give when you don’t have much to give is purely impeccable, I truly think you can start a social media blog.

Patwell Canham

I’m glad you have been able to stick out the idea of moving to cape town to chase your dream. Not of all of us can be that brave and naive. The fact that you’ve always stuck to your guns is quiet something, especially even when it didn’t make sense to anyone.

Time is everything-we definitely didn’t learn this from my oldest friend Hogg. I mean Ice is never punctual, always arriving late at parties,  meetings , work and probably late for his own birthday. LOL.

I wish you were here to realize the vision we had from when we were kids. Life has shown us that we are more capable of achieving far more than we had imagined for ourselves.  And the things we thought we were incapable of achieving are not far from our reach. Can’t wait to catch up with you, go on a ride of the places we always talked about going to. 🙂

Punchline Galore Designs #inkomo

I was with you just a couple of weeks ago, I told you about how proud I am to wear your brand. Every time I wear your vision anywhere outside Kwatsaduza everyone asks me where did you get that from, what does my top read? and I tell them with the pride of graduate kid that “Inkomo Idli bhanz” 🙂

I know you’ve had your share of your struggles, building a brand and juggling that with fatherhood cannot be easy yet you’re doing it.


Dumisani Deep Xcape

Our song is about to be published in a compilation for the whole world to hear,it is currently being play-listed in places I cannot even pronounce. I can never thank you enough for helping me find myself in writing again. Your tenacity and understanding of the business is worth admiring.

You’ve been pushing the D-General brand for a long time and juggling that with fatherhood cannot be easy yet you’re doing it. Your ingenious motivates me ma nigga.


Dumisani Djdo’me Ndhlovu

My Big brother, who was G’s brother, used to be Clyde’s brother,  who was No I.D friend, No I.D My mentor, Now let the story begin.

its crazy how you started in the business, nigga you didn’t have ish but only the hunger to succeed! My nigga you went from wearing a size 32 to who knows what your size is now. it quiet imperative how you your knowledge for the craft grew with as you did.


Best Beats is one unique streaming platform, the culture of the art is quiet something. Like most of the niggas mentioned on this piece, have a child or two. I don’t know where you take the strength and will to do what you do but you do it.  Best Beats is a true reflection and tenacity of your passion. To think that you taught yourself just about everything you’ve learned.You’re a BIG inspiration my nigga, can’t wait to be on Best Beats.

Beats Tv is SA’s online platform that hosts DJ’s/ artists. Hosted at a private location, in a garage. Streamed live on YouTube & FB and then stored on our website.

For anyone reading this blog, you have to understand that we all have our lives to live and in that we all have our own roles to play. I look at these brothers of mine and think of the things they had to overcome and some of the struggles they still struggling with, yet the dream still continues, they remain faithful to their dream.

Jay has just opened offices to their poi poi nation brand, Patwell’s content is about to be shared into Africa, Kulca is about to launch his T-Touch mobile smartphones, Dumi’s Beats Tvis attracting mainstream celebrities to be featured onto the platform. Inkomo has added new designs to his wardrobe and celebrities are lining up to wear his brand, D-General songs are being play-listed in places like Russia and most parts of Europe as well as the United States. Salute my brothers, SALUTE!

Thank you being you my brothers…


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”-Marianne Williamsont