Mastered the art of slavery…

She said she has mastered the art of slavery/she could only be compared to a summer rain that came down heavily/she lived her life locked up eternally/and presumed to live life of integrity/what i saw in her was a woman of…some saw a high degree of insanity/who refused to accept her state of reality/but knocking on bins was more of a formality/only GOD knew has fate you see/and who was I to judge she/even in a society that allowed the degradation of humanity/she carried one at her back and the other on her sleeve/and all definition defined her as “mommy”…in her state of puberty/….

“….I hardly slept…trying to re-write herself…I felt the agony of failure once again in the vessels beneath my chest…her breast were touching her feet of all the babies she had….so the world sucked her whiteness and left her with black…”

She drew creativity in these reamed of familiar captions/wounded soul dressed by her past-fashion/reality stood monotonous,expired lessons/life still the teacher, faith her principle/the uniform of in-justice,rapes her beauty/hate is now the child, faith now the umbilical cord-removed away/”Mastering” the Art of Slavery-till today…

Short little something something for all the woman…who work their ass out…for life to trow sh*t right back at them…for all the mothers who silently cry…and whom my depiction pictures everyday…I shall do as i can to see another picture …that bring peace to the inner man….


–I am Mahume–©

Life is a reflection…

People are mirrors for one another. When we see something in another person and react to it emotionally, what we see in that person is a reflection of what we know exists within ourselves.

He also states that if we observe something in another without an emotional reaction, then that is just an observation. The first time I learned this, I was defensive for I felt all my criticisms of others were justified.

I then began to dig deep and realised that there is a lot of truth to the idea that people are mirrors for one another. When we react to hate in another, it is a reflection of the hate that lives within us.

When we judge someone for being full of it, then that is a reflection of the idea that maybe we know we are full of arrogance too. However, if you see beauty in another, it is a reflection of your beauty too. 

See someone as graceful and that means there is an element of grace within you. Sounds simple but this one lesson is very powerful in personal growth.

life is a reflection, imperfections of ourselves wrapped in mirrors defining who we are. Yet with all that, we seek to find the reflections in others to console and calms the demons in us.

My Big Brothers…

Karabo Kulca Masenyadiloana

Mr #Dreameneur you did say that one day you will be a CEO of  something big,never in my wildest dream that I imagine you being the CEO of Touch mobile, the first black owned and locally manufactured mobile smart phone (Correct me if I’m wrong). I remember my first interaction with you was regarding the Sony township experience you wanted to pull off. I thought here is a young man whom before our acquaintance had only subliminally met in the train, had so much vision for his life.

It is crazy how life works, your ignorance to everything else and dedication to the #DreameneurFoundation is something worth noting.

Your passion inspires me, your ideas and vision for the type of life you always wanted liberates my cocoon  and drives me to become more. Don’t think I’m sucking up now (LOL) it would be wrong not to put you on this list based on who you are and what you’re doing.


Jay Stash

Jesus Jay, where do I begin with you? The truth is I truly don’t even know you that well. You and I have only officially met through social media  and through that I’ve been able to read and understand your struggles and lessons (thank you for sharing)

Sometimes I read your statuses and have this nostalgic memory of when you first entered the entertainment industry. You are a different man now that’s for sure, seems to be more family orientated and business focused than ever before. There’s so many lessons to learn from you groot-man. Poi-Poi is becoming a nation, your vision of making this a household name is upon you.

You have your own brand that speaks to your heart, something you’ve worked so hard on. I pray that God give you the strength to make this a household name… You still need to email me regarding featuring on your album.


Your ability to give when you don’t have much to give is purely impeccable, I truly think you can start a social media blog.

Patwell Canham

I’m glad you have been able to stick out the idea of moving to cape town to chase your dream. Not of all of us can be that brave and naive. The fact that you’ve always stuck to your guns is quiet something, especially even when it didn’t make sense to anyone.

Time is everything-we definitely didn’t learn this from my oldest friend Hogg. I mean Ice is never punctual, always arriving late at parties,  meetings , work and probably late for his own birthday. LOL.

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