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The Township Entrepreneurs Alliance (TEA) was developed out of a need to develop and grow township entrepreneurs so that they have long-lasting and profitable businesses that will create employment.


TEA Info

According to the founder of TEA, Bulelani Balabala, Township Entrepreneurs’ Alliance is a platform for entrepreneur’s in and around Tembisa to come together and develop each other.

Other speakers include Raizcorp’s chief executive officer, Allon Raiz, who will be giving an incubation package worth R300 000 and training that happens quarterly in sales, finance and production.

Rural is Outdoor

I haven’t been to other semi-rural parts of our beautiful country but if the internet is anything to go by, outdoor marketing is the way to go.

Most people that live in my area are well educated of which the greater population work outside Limpopo and are used to all other forms of advertising. From radio, television , print, billboards, to online advertising these individuals got access to all forms.
But in my home town Ga-nkwana (Limpopo), where it costs about R50.00 per single trip to get to Polokwane the closest town where one can do some diverse shopping, it is extremely difficult for people to access the diverse form of advertising particularly on-line advertising.

How do small business compete with the BIG Businesses? 

There is definitely no way that small business can compete with the Big business when it comes to the economy of scale in selling their products. However what small business do have is the long-lasting relationship that big business don’t always have or struggle to achieve with consumers.

Word of Mouth

There is no local newspaper where small business can utilise to promote their business to a market they represent. Most of these business relay on word of mouth to promote and engage their business. Big business relay on their television and radio adverts to do their word of mouth for them but small businesses do not have to spend any form of advertising to achieve this.

Most form of advertising that BIG if not the only form of advertising that Big business use to advertise their products and service is through outdoor marketing. This is mostly dominated by Primedia with their big billboards on the main roads.


The personalised service cemented by old relationships  consumer receives from the small business makes it difficult for BIG business to compete with. However small business often offer limited product or service due to their sizes.

whether how this will change it yet to be seen, parts of the area is well developed whilst certain parts of it is still in the phase of getting thee needed up-liftment to be acquire the status of “Semi-rural”. Perhaps when everyone is on the same path maybe small business can compete with the BIG business when it comes to advertising.

So if you aim to start a business in the local areas of Limpopo, understand and value the importance of outdoor advertising. Radio advertising might work but for a small business that might not have the right finances to advertise on a radio station, the easiest and cheapest form of advertising is Outdoor Advertising, whether it may be through small billboards or pamphlets, Outdoor is the way to promote your business in rural areas.


Church girls are easy

Among other topics, I had an interesting conversation with one of my oldest friend this past weekend about why and how easy it is to find a woman in church.

Look at the divorce rate in South Africa, better yet look at the relationships of some of the people you know and the struggles they have and how most of them cant maintain nor sustain their relationships. The ideology and notion of what a church is supposed to stand for has changed dramatically, thus you find most guys refusing to entertain the idea of even going to church.

Don’t get me wrong, the existence of church is still valid but lets be honest we are beings that get easily and vulnerably distracted more so in place such as a church.

Why I think church girls are easy?

Even thou the notion of church isn’t what it used to be, the mere idea of dating a church going guy has a nice ring to it.

Imagine introducing your man to your friends and stating that you met at church, according to my friend this is one of the reasons why church girls are easy because they are afraid of the judgement they will get from their friends and family if the boyfriend is not a church going man. if you look at the rate of couples who go to church together, to couples that do not go to church or go to different church you will see that the couples that go to church together tend to have long-lasting relations in comparison to the other couples.

“I found Mines in church, where did you find yours?”

There is also this perception that church going men are well disciplined and they have some understanding about their future, and according to my friend this is one of the things that make them attractable and increases their chances of dating.

“What oftentimes draws the good church girl to the bad boy is the bad in the good church girl, which the Bible calls the flesh.” ―Daniel Whyte

Another reason why church girls are easy my friend says. Just like guys women want to experience things and when they are with their friends they talk and they want to be the one telling stories about how good or bad their boyfriend is. The pressure from their friends is too much to deal with according to my friend. And church girls are the most naughtiest and sexually frustrated individuals you will ever meet and this makes them easy targets.


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