The Oros World advert is a classic.

The adverts depicts the Oros Man sharing a trip with young kids into the Oros World of imagination and fun.

“O-o-o-o Oros” catch phrase  is what made me run to the little screen to catch the advert.  Really classic!!


Its good its nice!I must have been 8 when I first saw this advert.  This Chicken Licken Advert which includes the Legendary Joe Mafela, depicts two men (Joe and Tiny) exercising in the streets in these bright and then uncommon exercise outfits. And they are teased and they made fun of because of their outfits.


Lunch bar has always created lovely and witty adverts, and for the major part of the 90’s this advert was the most talked about advert. For marketing purposes see how they #Personified the Character #Makatini and made him a well known street and home brand.


Windie, Windie, Windie! a nation building advert using all the well-known nick-names of South African sports.


36!! That’s how many tomatoes there is in an Old Gold Tomato Sauce. I remember getting 36% for a class test and boy oh boy didn’t I get it!!  I love the way you say 36…