I’m trying to do best by my life, and I’ve learned not everyone is going to agree to that. But if I can make better to other people’s lives whilst I’m bettering mines then truly I’m a winner!! 
I’ve learned that I’m going to lose a lot of myself to gain myself, and at times I’m going to confuse those around me in trying to acquire my worth. I’ve noted not to try to compare myself to others but at times this is difficult. I learn what I learn, I try to stay brave to the misfortunes of my choices. 
I’ve learned that many people are going to judge me, many people are going to dislike me but mostly I’m going to lose people dear to me trying to chase my dreams.
My faith will be tested, my faith will be elected, I’ll lose hope there and then , but my God will carry me  in the moments of despair.
I believe I am a Speaker, I’ve got the power to influence and change people’s lives. I believe there’s more to life than I know now. 
And among all that I know, I will harness, I will share in the little ways I know how, I will remember to be faithful every time I speak. For God has blessed me with the art of the spoken word and more. 
I urge you my friend to find the God within you, free  Him to the world. Define Him to those that don’t Believe that through him we can win! 
#BestBelieve We #StayWinning