5 childhood adverts I will never forget

The Oros World advert is a classic.

The adverts depicts the Oros Man sharing a trip with young kids into the Oros World of imagination and fun.

“O-o-o-o Oros” catch phrase  is what made me run to the little screen to catch the advert.  Really classic!!


Its good its nice!I must have been 8 when I first saw this advert.  This Chicken Licken Advert which includes the Legendary Joe Mafela, depicts two men (Joe and Tiny) exercising in the streets in these bright and then uncommon exercise outfits. And they are teased and they made fun of because of their outfits.


Lunch bar has always created lovely and witty adverts, and for the major part of the 90’s this advert was the most talked about advert. For marketing purposes see how they #Personified the Character #Makatini and made him a well known street and home brand.


Windie, Windie, Windie! a nation building advert using all the well-known nick-names of South African sports.


36!! That’s how many tomatoes there is in an Old Gold Tomato Sauce. I remember getting 36% for a class test and boy oh boy didn’t I get it!!  I love the way you say 36…



Newton hustlers

As we celebrate freedom Day and freedom month, I took a visit to downtown joburg known as Newton.



Sometimes the greatest moment you experience are with strangers,and this you realise when you let lose of fear and acknowledge the beauty within people.

Corporate slavery

Most people refuse to believe that they are slaves in the workplace. If you are doing the same thing over and over again and working in an environment that disallows them the ability to be and find their true potential then they are slaves.

Most of these individuals are purely unhappy about their work mainly because of the structures that they find themselves in that disallows them of being free of exploring and defining their talents.

The only thing that makes them stay longer than they should is because they believe things will change, and they think they can add value to things as they are. But what happens when they don’t change and work seems like a monotonous dream they didn’t imagine. For many of these individuals they are comforted by the illusion of the economic responsibilities that they handle and they feel obligated to stay than to leave and fulfil their inner being.

Don’t get me wrong employment is important and dissatisfaction is everywhere. But when you spend over 40 hours per week doing something that dissatisfies your true being then what meaning does employment mean? Of course they are financial dissatisfactions and satisfactions that either hides or reveal the scars of wage slavery. There is more to financial freedom

The thrill of waking up early in the morning way before your alarm does is what I’m talking about. The late nights of constructing and conceptualizing concepts or ideas to find the right solution that’s what I’m talking. when you feel torn when you have to go on leave because you so part of your work that nothing else matters, that what I’m talking about! 

The notion of being a slave doesn’t only work in instances where people are forced to do something out of their own will, but also of doing something of their own will that does not sit well with them.

This had me wondering especially in the times where the gift of life can end at any time. What value is life worth in my employment? Can I find myself in it? does my current work allow me to be me? am I capable of being the creative I believe I am within the structures put in place for me? too many questions and little answers…

In the end of our conversation one my friend said,

“If you lucky enough to find a work environment that allows you to express yourself within the structures without limiting your true self by all means embrace it. but if you can’t then find what does and chase after it.”



I’m trying to do best by my life, and I’ve learned not everyone is going to agree to that. But if I can make better to other people’s lives whilst I’m bettering mines then truly I’m a winner!! 
I’ve learned that I’m going to lose a lot of myself to gain myself, and at times I’m going to confuse those around me in trying to acquire my worth. I’ve noted not to try to compare myself to others but at times this is difficult. I learn what I learn, I try to stay brave to the misfortunes of my choices. 
I’ve learned that many people are going to judge me, many people are going to dislike me but mostly I’m going to lose people dear to me trying to chase my dreams.
My faith will be tested, my faith will be elected, I’ll lose hope there and then , but my God will carry me  in the moments of despair.
I believe I am a Speaker, I’ve got the power to influence and change people’s lives. I believe there’s more to life than I know now. 
And among all that I know, I will harness, I will share in the little ways I know how, I will remember to be faithful every time I speak. For God has blessed me with the art of the spoken word and more. 
I urge you my friend to find the God within you, free  Him to the world. Define Him to those that don’t Believe that through him we can win! 
#BestBelieve We #StayWinning 

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