1-Toothpaste= Colgate


The name of the brand doesn’t matter! Any toothpaste that comes to our eyes, that’s Colgate my friend. LOL ­čÖé

There’s nothing wrong with this, it is a historic ideology that we grew up using which I now see some of my white friends are using too. long before we had a variety of toothpaste brands to choose from, the only toothpaste available to us was the Colgate brand and since then every Toothpaste has taken on the armour of being called Colgate.

2-Shoe Polish= Kiwi

Shine is Shine, shoe polish is Kiwi. Again it doesn’t matter what brand name the shoe polish is. Any shoe polish that shine our shoes that’s a kiwi ma nigga.


corn flakes

Cornflakes is kellogs┬áit doesn’t matter what brand name it is. My 7-year old nephew calls every corn flakes brand kellogs and this is something even older black people do. ┬ásometimes you’d think they actually don’t know the difference. ┬áAgain it’s because for a ┬álong time no other brand was available for the black market to choose from.



My mum used to send me to the store to buy gum when I was very young. “Buy me the round chappies” she would say. Those round gums didn’t even have a label. Most black people call these chappies but they are not chappies products nor related to them in any how.

5-Nail polish= Cutex

nail polish

I have three older sisters and all of them call nail polish, cutex. It doesn’t matter what type of nail polish it is or what brand it is, all type of nail polishes are┬ácutex. I mean this brand was first established in 1911, by Northam Warren Company, and you can imagine the impact it has had in black families and communities that no other brand in the nail polish industry have been able to achieve.


Most of these brands mentioned above are family brands, they have been in our families for generations. As a brand this what you want to become, A family brand that speaks and resonance in the family structure.

Unfortunately for new entrants in these markets, they would have to strategically work hard to position their brands as family brands. Nothing is impossible.