The Blacker the Berry…

After a long while i decided to watch The Butler and having listened to Kendrick’s album this past week I was left with little choice to use my Kendrick’s inspiration to create my version of the video to The Blacker The Berry The Sweeter the Juice. 

I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015
Once I finish this, witnesses will convey just what I mean
I mean, it’s evident that I’m irrelevant to society
That’s what you’re telling me, penitentiary would only hire me Kendrick

You be the judge


March on

It’s funny how we seek to speak volume when this hate has muted the nature of our thoughts, March On!

Biko taught me to walk my thoughts like to write my faults, but look how life has coloured my soul,still I March On!

Found a New leaf on this wintered life,Failure continue to dress my unfound skin, my naked feet carry my faith- still I March On!

march on

Shot my Ambition like Hector Peterson and memory is the fate my death shall mourn, still I March on!

I Feel God in every thought spill of ink in my Bottled fine-point pen- I March On!

To Sweeten my sour struggles is to dress my Mother with the pride of my Achievements-so I March On!

Life is a Blessing,God seeks to live through my talents still I March On!

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Going through these Coaches to find my “train of my thought”, January, February, I March On!

April, May ,June, July, Will pass on, August, September,October,November,December– I  will MARCH ON!..

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