In between… He remains GOD

In between the home works of childhood days, the freedom of poverty and the misery of adult strays
In between the changes brought by pain, chasing the dream of foreign slaves
In between the freedom we try to claim.

In between the imagery of dreams, in between creating and being me
In between the sleep memories of the past that we hold on to,
In between the words I never tell, in between the wounds I never show
In between the temptations
In between the days that pass by unnoticed, in between the guns unloaded
In between the wrongs and In between the rights
In between the births and deaths- the ironies of life

You remained God!

In between the memory loss and headaches, and family quarrels
In between the dislike of our friends on Facebook
In between the twitter hate bottled in tweets
In between the reality that our souls cheat

You remain GOD



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