In between… He remains GOD

In between the home works of childhood days, the freedom of poverty and the misery of adult strays
In between the changes brought by pain, chasing the dream of foreign slaves
In between the freedom we try to claim.

In between the imagery of dreams, in between creating and being me
In between the sleep memories of the past that we hold on to,
In between the words I never tell, in between the wounds I never show
In between the temptations
In between the days that pass by unnoticed, in between the guns unloaded
In between the wrongs and In between the rights
In between the births and deaths- the ironies of life

You remained God!

In between the memory loss and headaches, and family quarrels
In between the dislike of our friends on Facebook
In between the twitter hate bottled in tweets
In between the reality that our souls cheat

You remain GOD


Personify your Brand, Disrupt the Decision making process


“I firmly believe that sometimes it is not what you know, it’s who you know. If you want a successful business, you need to build relevant connections and build onto your current connections and so on. Hirsch’s Meadowdale Networking functions open doors to getting expert advice at no charge and assist like-minded business people in building their reputations, knowledge and databases.”  Said Hirsch’s Public Relations and Marketing officer, Brigitte Thysse at Hirsch Meadowdale’s monthly networking breakfast.

Me with Brigitte Thysse from Hirschs in Boksburg on #28Jan. #WeStayWinning


VALS (“Values, Attitudes And Lifestyles) Market segmentation is designed to guide companies in tailoring their products and services in order to appeal to the people most likely to purchase them.
Your Product is Everything… its is your Life, personify it
“If you want something, you have to go out there and get it” – And we, at Hirsch’s Meadowdale, offer business men and Business Women just that. said Thysse.

The true reality is that the future is this, in-fact this is the past, the present and the future. In partnership with Hirchs, I held a networking breakfast for local businesses looking at ways in which brands can #personify their brands. The simplest way of understanding this is, If your brand could talk, what would it say? 

If your brand could talk, what would it say?

how do we can brands achieve this?


Use the right colours for your brand, either through your logo, your advertising campaigns, USE THE RIGHT COLOURS. Colours talk, and the right type of colours can talk the right type of message. recognise the right type of colours for your brand and mostly for the market you chose to represent.

  • logos
  • promotions (internal and external advertising)


Mascots, this is another way of associating a specific character traits to your brand. you have an opportunity to create someone who can talk for you and respond for you.  a simple character personifying your traits and values.

Catch phrases/ slogans “Its not inside its on top” 

  • If you do not believe in catch phrases, its time you did
  • Easy to remember
  • Differentiation, you don’t want to sound the same
  • They serve as impressions to a personality of a brand
  • Something as a slogan or catch phrase can take your business to the next level
  • In most cases slogan allow consumers to visualise your brand and most interprets your personality, particularly for non-visual adverts.
  • #Hashtags

Story Telling

  • Creating and telling stories through your advertising
  • This is a way of using trendy topics to tell your story through your personality
  • The same adverts over and over again is not going to work especially when you looking for a respond or conversation. CREATE STORIES–PERSONIFY YOUR BRAND– Create a culture of stories
  • Tell a story that resonance with the market you want to represent.
  • People talk to each other through stories.
  • A brand that talks to its consumers stand a chance of understanding the brand even better through this exchange

These are some of the aspects I touched on #PersonifyingBrands. Thank to Brigitte from Hirchs for hosting these lovely networking sessions.

The next networking breakfast is on the Thursday, 26th Feb- Hirsch’s Meadowdale and  Monday, 23 February Hirsch’s Boksburg Networking Function.

Meadowdale Networking Group!boks


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