Hirsch’s offers complimentary networking functions on a monthly basis to assist others to build a sustainable business and gain more clients. Looking back over 2014, It is a rewarding sight to see what goals have been accomplished from the platform of opportunities Hirsch’s have given to business’s and individuals.Hirsch’s networking functions




Hirsch’s networking functions involve a guest speaker on an informative and educational business topic. Daniel Seleme, entrepreneurial worker and project manager, will kick start Hirsch’s networking for 2015 on the topic of “personifying brands” on the Following dates:

Hirsch’s Bokburg, K90 Centre: Wednesday 28th Jan, 09.00 am
Hirsch’s Meadowdael, 12 Herman Road: Thursday 29th Jan, 09.00 am

Anyone interested is encouraged to bring banners and pamphlets/catalogues to hand out and assist in effective networking . Each individual gets a “60 Second Pitch” to address the attendees on who you are, what you do and what you can offer each attendee (This is an ice breaker for Effective networking after the proceedings). This opportunity is open to anyone and everyone wanting to grow their business.

“Sometimes it is not what you know, its who you know”. If you want a successful business, you need to build relevant connections and build onto your current connections and so on. These Networking functions open doors to getting expert advice at no charge and has assisted like-minded business people in building their reputations, knowledge and databases