I learn as I’ve learned

I’m trying to do best by my life, and I’ve learned not everyone is going to agree to that. But if I can make better to other people’s lives whilst I’m bettering mines then truly I’m a winner!!

I’ve learned that I’m going to lose a lot of myself to gain myself, and at times I’m going to confuse those around me in trying to acquire my worth. I’ve noted not to try to compare myself to others but at times this is difficult. I learn what I learn, I try to stay brave to the misfortunes of my choices.

I’ve learned that many people are going to judge me, many people are going to dislike me but mostly I’m going to lose people dear to me trying to chase my dreams.

My faith will be tested, my faith will be elected, I’ll lose hope there and then , but my God will carry me in the moments of despair.

I believe I am a Speaker, I’ve got the power to influence and change people’s lives.
And among all that I know, I will harness, I will share in the little ways I know how, I will remember to be faithful every time I speak. For God has blessed me with the art of the spoken word!

I urge you my friend, to find the God within you, free Him to the world, define Him to those that don’t believe that through him we can win!

#BestBelieve We #StayWinning


We Are Entrepreneurs Networking Cocktail Lounge

We are entrepreneurs is a movement of changing people’s lives through entrepreneurship.

Co-founder of YDIDi, To empower the youth of South Africa through the distribution of relevant business and career information. To engineer opportunities 4 the next generation


neo, sing
Bennie, turning the crowd at the annual We are entrepreneurs networking lunch
let it show that you showed up, make a difference- Karabo


This Movement held its first networking lunch on the  through networking and marketing will serve as an opportunity to interact with other like-minded individuals and possible clients and business partners
This Movement held its first networking lunch on the  through networking and marketing will serve as an opportunity to interact with other like-minded individuals and possible clients and business partners
its your dream, you chase it, its your life you create it!
its your dream, you chase it, its your life you create it!
Neo and ydidi CEO Mzandile thanked by the Founder of we are entrepreneurs Karabo
Neo from Yidid  with ydidi CEO Mzandile. Karabo Founder of We are entrepreneurs Karabo
Listening deeply… She means #Business


Neo Co-founder from ydidi with the one and only speaker
Neo Co-founder of ydidi with the one and only speaker
Success resources glaxing us with their presence
look at me, no look at my watch… I mean #Business




This is your life. This is your Dream, you go get it!!

Follow the movement on Twitter @Dreameneur_ZA


You tell Me…. (Part1/4)

Let Me tell you how I see myself
What’s the use of work if you can’t see it’s worth?
When slavery is the freedom of the love you earn
From the Timeless hours that burns.

They call us monkeys cause they pay us peanuts
We beat our chest cause we know what’s in us.
If we worth anything then show us, if not why keep us? You trying to grow us or trying to kill us?

Now you tell me where the truth lies,
And the lies in the truth, please show me what you find.
A slave with a crown, or a king without a crown?…

-I am Mahume, not a slave-


If your Brand could talk, what would it say?

Hirsch’s offers complimentary networking functions on a monthly basis to assist others to build a sustainable business and gain more clients. Looking back over 2014, It is a rewarding sight to see what goals have been accomplished from the platform of opportunities Hirsch’s have given to business’s and individuals.Hirsch’s networking functions




Hirsch’s networking functions involve a guest speaker on an informative and educational business topic. Daniel Seleme, entrepreneurial worker and project manager, will kick start Hirsch’s networking for 2015 on the topic of “personifying brands” on the Following dates:

Hirsch’s Bokburg, K90 Centre: Wednesday 28th Jan, 09.00 am
Hirsch’s Meadowdael, 12 Herman Road: Thursday 29th Jan, 09.00 am

Anyone interested is encouraged to bring banners and pamphlets/catalogues to hand out and assist in effective networking . Each individual gets a “60 Second Pitch” to address the attendees on who you are, what you do and what you can offer each attendee (This is an ice breaker for Effective networking after the proceedings). This opportunity is open to anyone and everyone wanting to grow their business.

“Sometimes it is not what you know, its who you know”. If you want a successful business, you need to build relevant connections and build onto your current connections and so on. These Networking functions open doors to getting expert advice at no charge and has assisted like-minded business people in building their reputations, knowledge and databases




Puppets! Puppets! Many die in this School of life For a Null Subject, and a Quarrel  over a Cup of Rice could Be enough Substance (No Need For a Subject)

images (6)

As a Puppet Bleed to the Script of Life
Strings attached in Emotions that the Hands of Love Can Purposefully take
Yet those that persona the Script Don’t Understand how their Faith Have dissolved in Hate to Justify why the Heavens Cannot take Account their sins
As We Materialize our Faith and Pray For Less Spiritual Gain
We continue to play the Play, Token by Pressure to Jackpot fame
We shoot verbal Sins kill our spiritual beings seek forgiveness till, the same deeds is asked for forgiveness again!
Lick the Scars of the one Left behind, help Find peace through the age of time as we slave through this life just to help forget the subject that made us loose our sons
And we pray our sweat will help us remind ourselves till the end of time, for we don’t have the privilege to deny…

That we are Puppets! Puppets and Many die in this School of life For a Null Subject, and a Quarrel over a Cup of rice could be enough Substance (No Need for a Subject)



The Drum of Society That Skin These Dreams, Beats in The Language That In-slaves the Condoned Feet,As The Precious Sweat Of Custard Masks The Streets…

Footprints Cheat Reason of Truth, Every-Move, Purpose lost airs In the Dance of “Cool”, The Wages Of Freedom Rands in These-Possibilities Of What Could’ve and Couldn’t Have Been…

Wounded Memories Tissue the Heir of Their Own Seeds, Water Them with Notes That Dehydrate the Pages Of Success Whilst They Can’t Read…

They Become Charities Of Their Own Gifts, Boxed With it their Profit Margins Sleeps
As The Precious Sweat Of Custard Masks The Streets, If They Saw Nothing, What Do The Blind Reap?…

Is in the train…of thought

Is in the  train…of thought.Life remains to be the team, searching ma coach.


Its crowded in this trip,looking to find myself a seat. Learn to rail, metro the way I spell ma game, the stations of it can’t foul,search For my ticket,this trip i can’t cheat! too slow for ma own,need 2 “Express” the next stop is were ma feet ends,at the platform of success…

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